Hammered Copper Bottle – 650ml

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Copper’s role in growth and development

The health benefits of copper are numerous. Copper is essential for infant growth, bone strength, red and white blood cell maturation, iron transport, cholesterol and glucose metabolism, heart muscle contraction and brain development. Copper nutrition is especially important for pregnant women, the developing foetus and new-born babies. The WHO recommended daily requirement for copper is 20 mg/kg body weight for adults and 50 mg/kg body weight for children.

According to the World Health Organisation, there is a greater risk from copper deficiency than from copper toxicity, even in developed areas such as the US and Western Europe. Copper deficiency can lead to health problems such as anaemia, heart and circulation problems, bone abnormalities and complications in the functioning of the nervous and immune systems, the lungs, thyroid, pancreas and kidneys.

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